Ten Unique Kitchen Ideas That Make Life Easier

Ten Unique Kitchen Ideas That Make Life Easier

1. For kitchen drawers, there never seems to be enough room for all your utensils, especially long ones like your rolling pin. Why not organize them diagonally by putting in diagonal dividers for your different utensils? That will keep them organized and you’ll have enough space for all of them.

2. Dollar store cupboard mats. Forget buying expensive mats to line your cupboards and kitchen drawers. Buy them in rolls cheaper from the dollar store. Cut them to size as needed.

3. Don’t have enough cupboard space? Hang coffee mugs on your walls. Get yourself a wooden pallet. Attach several hooks to it. Make sure that the handles of your mugs will fit on the hooks and there is enough space for the mugs to hang freely. Hang the pallet on your kitchen wall readily accessible whenever you need a drink!

4. We all have a problem with finding lids for Tupperware containers. Somehow they get lost somewhere never to be found again. It is frustrating when trying to store food away when you can’t find the proper lid for it. Never have this problem again. Hook up a metal or plastic file organizer on the back of a cupboard door. Whenever you’ve finished washing and drying the containers and their lids, store the lids in the folder organizer and the containers on the shelf opposite in the cupboard. This will make it easier to find the containers and lids for later use.

5. When you accumulate plastic grocery bags, how can you organize them? Save Lysol wipes containers and put the plastic bags in there so that they’re not all over the place in your kitchen cupboards or pantry. Just pop the container open and pull out a bag when you need one.

6. There is usually a false door under your sink because there isn’t a lot of room for a real drawer space. Use that little space to install a paper towel holder. It’s very convenient for food preparation and for not dripping water everywhere looking for the paper towels. You can also install a kitchen towel holder on there instead.

7. On the back of your pantry door, hang a mesh or plastic shoe organizer but instead of shoes in the organizers, you can hang your spices in there. It will be easy to find all your spices when you’re cooking.

8. Have you seen those tiered metal planter skeletons that hold up planters for flowers? You can also use those for holding fruits and vegetables that don’t need to be refrigerated. Bring those planters inside and hang them against the kitchen wall or if it’s a stand, just move it to a free corner in your kitchen. Put fruits like bananas and apples in there.

9. If you don’t have a lot of bench space and need some more space to dry your dishes, you can put in sink baskets in both sides of your kitchen sink if it is a double sink or just one if a single sink to let your dishes air dry.

10. Install a hanging island from your ceiling. This is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of space. If you need help with installing it, call The 2 Men Handyman Brisbane and let them do the backbreaking labour for you. Hang your pots and pans and other kitchen utensils from it. You can also hang your indoor plants on it to give your kitchen a chic look. If you can’t hang an island on your ceiling, make yourself a moveable one with shelving units on it. It should have wheels at the front of it with legs in the back and a long handle/paper towel holder on the side that you will push with.

This is great for entertaining as you can move it to the living room or outdoors on your patio.

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