We are a family-based partnership with 35 years of experience in building maintenance, domestic and commercial carpentry. The reason why so many homeowners in The Brisbane area take advantage of our services is our ability to provide you with a friendly and reliable service for small and large projects. We specialize in a number of services that include flooring, decks, fence repairs, garage conversions, pergolas and carport construction. Below are some reasons why you should choose us if you are planning on installing a carport.

Constructing a brand new garage is viewed as a serious investment, and in most cases you may only need this specific space to protect one of your older vehicles. However, there are far more affordable options to consider that can prove to be cost-efficient and functional. Carports can offer you with an immediate solution. In case you are wondering about the differences between the features of a garage and a carport, garages are enclosed on all sides while carports are open. This is only a basic comparison and at the end of the day the building council in your local area will have their final say about what is defined as an awning, garage or carport. Freestanding carports are a solution in regards to convenience and cost. Below are a few guidelines to consider before you decide to have your own carport constructed by a reliable company such as us.

Carport Constructions Are Basically Hassle-Free

In general carports can be built without having to secure a permit from the council. A carport is considered to be a type of outbuilding and when constructed will be considered an “extension” to the home. However, there are a few limitations in this regard and the rules regarding these limitations vary from one state to another. These limitations involve permitted development. One of the limitations involves that you will not be permitted to construct a carport that will be positioned in the primary elevation to the front of your home. This is, however, an advantage if your house has been built on a level ground. In addition, carports are considered to be “single story” by default. This means you will not be able to construct an overhang or balcony on it; this also applies to when you make use of a vertical space.

Carport Construction Limitations

One of the limits regarding carport construction will be the height related to the eves. In general, this height cannot exceed 2.5 meters. In regards to the amount of space your carport construction will occupy, you are limited to 50% of the land. However, in most cases this should allow for more than enough room for you to protect your vehicle. If your home happens to form part of a preserve or national park, you are restricted to only occupy a maximum of 10 meters of land, if the carport is constructed further than 20 meters from your home.

Find Out About The Local Codes In Your Area

Carports are generally portable enough that it is possible to erect the structure within 1 day. But when you have decided on a structure that is permanent, it is always advisable to consult with your housing council in order to confirm the right information on regulations and restrictions. We have a lot of experience regarding these restrictions and will gladly assist you in making the right choices for your carport construction.

Brisbane Carport Costs

Depending on the carport design you choose will depend on the price. We have a variety of options available designed to suit any budget. Remember that the cost of the carport will be separate from other costs that can include the following:

•Council fees


•Cement slab

•Surface preparation

Due to all the variables involved in carport construction, we will provide you with an accurate quote with no obligations. In order to arrive at an accurate quote make sure you provide us with as many details as possible when you fill out our online form. Some of this information can include if you require a slab and if excavations are required. These types of details will affect the final cost relating to your project and are important in attaining the most affordable quote for your needs.