Change Things Up To Increase Home Appeal

Change Things Up To Increase Home Appeal

When you sell or your home or just want your home to be in tip top shape, it’s best to do some renovations or changes to your home.

One renovation that is simpler to do than many other home projects is painting. It’s amazing how just changing the color of a room can completely give that same space revitalization. When selling, it’s best to go with neutral colours but add some pizazz. Add a splash of color by choosing a deep candy-apple red or navy-blue for a feature wall that will draw the eye of potential buyers or a colour that you will be satisfied living in.

Kitchen renovations are more challenging. You will have to deal with plumbing, cupboards, and a lot of finicky things that take more time to renovate. Most women love to have a lot of bench space for preparation and cooking. Replace old benches with granite if you can. It looks good and is durable. If you want extra bench space, install an island in your kitchen with matching bench-top material. Replace old taps with modern ones. Sand and repaint or restain old cupboards to give them new life.
For bathroom renovations, get rid of old linoleum or vinyl and upgrade it to water resistant tile. Tile makes it so much easier to wipe up water spilled from the sink, shower, or bathtub. To save on water, get low-flush toilets that you can flush either for liquid or solid waste. If you can’t afford to do major renovations, simply repaint the bathroom with moisture-resistant paint and change the shower curtains and bathroom mat. Want more space? Replace your old sink with a pedestal sink that leaves a lot of leg room and makes a small bathroom look bigger.

To really completely change the inside of your house, focus on the floor. Upgrade your floors and install modern-looking flooring. If you have hardwood, make it brand new again by resanding and refinishing it. For more durable but beautiful flooring, your options could be to install stone, tile, engineered, or vinyl flooring.

Revamp your yard by putting in a patio or deck. Properly installed pressure treated wood or cedar adds natural beauty and enhances the look of any yard. If you don’t have the ability to build these yourself, have The 2 Men Handyman Brisbane build you a beautiful deck, patio, or privacy screen.

One renovation project that can be easily overlooked is roof renovation. Replace your old ashphalt shingles for better roofing material like tin. Doing this will add a lot of value to your home.

Tired of looking at the same windows and doors? Install more efficent double-paned windows and more secure doors. If you don’t want to replace your door, one way to make it look new again is to resand and repaint or refinish it if it is wood.

For better first impressions when people come to your home, revitalize the landscaping in your yard. Plant some colorful and different-sized perennials that grow back every year so you won’t have to keep planting flowers. Hedges or flowering bushes surrounding the drive is another good idea. If you have flowering plants, keep the plants continually blooming by using plant fertilizer or rain water to nourish your plants.

Changing your house and yard a little bit by applying the advice given above will make you the envy of the whole neighbourhood.

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